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Exploring Dashboards

In MapStore, a Dashboard is a space where the user can add many Widgets, such as charts, maps, tables, texts and counters, and can create connections between them in order to:

  1. Provide an overview to better visualize a specific data context

  2. Interact spatially and analytically with the data by creating connections between widgets

  3. Perform analysis on involved data/layers

In order to create a new dashboard, the New Dashboard button appears in MapStore Homepage once logged as Administrator or Normal user. With a click on it, an empty dashboard workspace appears. This page is composed of a Topbar, a Sidebar and a Viewer:


Through the Topbar it is possible to:

  • Access GeoSolutions website with a click on the icon

  • Set the language, with the Language switcher:

  • Go back to the Homepage with the button

  • Take a look at the account info, change password and logout, with the button (more info about these options are available in Managing Users and Groups section)

Options Menu

In the Options drop-down menu you can:

  • Export dashboard in json format

  • Import dashboard in json format (it will replace without asking the current dashboard)

  • Save/Save as the dashboard

  • Delete the dashboard

  • Open the Share panel

  • Start the Tutorial

  • See the information about the deployed Version of MapStore in the About panel.

The Sidebar allows the user to:

  • Add new widgets with the button

  • See the connections between widgets with the button, available when connections are present (more information about this option are available in Connecting Widgets section)


Once the widgets are added in the viewer it is possible to:

  • Change widgets position by moving them with a simple Drag and Drop and resize them:
  • Access widgets menu from which the user can choose between several options (more information about this menu's options can be found in Map's Access Widget Menu section)

  • Take a look at the widget Description (more information about widget Description can be found in Map's Access Widgets Info section)